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We are a REAL Scuba Shop! What does that mean to you? We are qualified to ensure your life support equipment is assembled, tuned, warranted, and documented, so you can go from shipment to first dive without any hesitation, knowing that professionals have taken care of your equipment.

Scuba Vendors assemble and box their equipment. A general tuning is performed. But second stages may not be connected to first stages. Final tuning may not be performed. Those "deep discount" shops are passing the boxes on to you. No assembly. No tuning. Don't know how to do this? Take it to your local dive shop. They'll probably charge you $100 - $250 to get you set up and service your "new" gear. And why shouldn't they? They're now taking responsibility for that gear that's been sitting in a warehouse somewhere for who knows how long. Quite a deal, right?

Or, you could buy your regulators from a REAL dive shop, with REAL factory trained technicians. We'll provide you with fully assembled regulators, with final tuning done to dealer specifications ensuring your breathing effort is as little as possible. Under full warranty. And we'll provide you with the documentation on our tuning and final adjustments.

Dive with confidence knowing that your life support equipment didn't just get pulled off a shelf and shipped. It was inspected, assembled, tuned, and documented by real Scuba Professionals!