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Regulators require service every two years or one hundred dives, whichever comes first, to remain under manufacturer's warranty. Parts can be expensive for this life support equipment. But ScubaPro wants to help take care of you. Purchase any Regulator set, BCD, and Dive Computer from us within a 12 month period, and we'll register everything with ScubaPro, get it under warranty, and enroll you in ScubaPro's Parts for Life Program.

Whenever your regulator set needs service, a factory authorized service center will enter your information into ScubaPro's database, and ScubaPro will supply the Service Center with your parts kits at no cost.  This can result in a $90+ savings on every service! And, considering ScubaPro gear can last a lifetime, this program can pay for your gear in savings over the life of your equipment.

Dive the best. Dive ScubaPro.